The Island of Elba can be visited entirely in mountain bike as there are many paths perfect for mountain bikers. If you don't believe us, we suggest you try the route starting from Marciana, leading to the Madonna del Monte and then descending to Pomonte. (advised for expert bikers)
There are plenty of routes spreading from the sea level to the top of Mount Capanne (1019 Mt.), where you ascend in a cabin lift reaching the utmost peak to then make your way back down again.
There are all sorts of paths and routes, giving families the possibility to visit these gorgeous places, always within reach of centers, making the journey safe and secure.
It's even possible to find panoramic roads without traffic or disturbance in August. One of these is the San Martino leading from Procchio to Acquabona.

Recently many international cyclists have chosen Elba for their summer training. Infact a couple of years ago Elba was the home of a world championship race, making it famous worldwide. The differences in levels and the characteristics of the paths give professional cyclists the opportunity to ideally train and keep fit.

Let's not forget that on the Island there is a great tradition. In the past the bicycle was one of the two means of transport, the other was the Donkey. Anyone on the island has a bicycle, and in the last couple of years there's been a grand return, matching the personality of the islands inhabitants, always healthy and careful of nature.
It's also for this reason that it's not hard to find a cyclist in every corner of the island, even in places reachable only after a long and hard ride. In every Elban municipality there's a center for mountain bikes and cyclist equipment, mainly in Portoferraio, Capoliveri and Marina di Campo.

Mountainbike sull'isola d'Elba Giro bicicletta dell'Elba Gite in bici all'isola d'Elba
Percorsi bici per principianti ed esperti - Isola Elba MTB all'isola d'Elba Escursioni mountain bike partenza Procchio

At the hotels reception you will find maps, brochures and advice in order to visit every corner of our wonderful island. We also offer our guest the opportunity to rent a mountain bike for as long as they'd like.
Many of our guests like to depart early in the morning, after having retrieved their pack lunch in Hotel, cycle to a prearranged place, perhaps Mount Capanne or a beach, have lunch calmly and peacefully, relax a few hours and return just in time for sunset at the Hotel. Perhaps, if there's enough time left even a quick trip to the beach. During supper they happily discuss the days trip while drinking a fine glass of Elban wine.

This is how the island conceives the idea of the mountain bike.